Resolves Public meeting on Politics of Targeting the Muslim youth

Photo0251 300x225 Appoint a fact finding committee to examine and report on targeting of Muslim youthNew Delhi : A public meeting on politics of hunting terror and targeting muslim youths ask cental govt to appoint a fact finding committee to Examine and Report on Targeting of Muslim Youth By State And central Govts. The complete resolution is as follows

The Meeting:

Notes the increasing targeting of Muslim youth by the security forces across the country, and urged the UPA govt and union Home minister P Chidambaram to take immediate measures to prevent the Harassment and victimization of the innocent minorities.

Urges the UPA govt at the Centre and state Govts to setup fast track courts for the speedy disposal of the cases of terrorism slapped against the large number of innocent young Muslims who are in the prison for years without trial and take immediate steps for rehabilitation and compensation for those acquitted by the courts after years in jail foe terror attacks they did not commit;

Pledges to ensure that pressure continued to be exerted on authorities to make them more sensitive and less authoritarian in dealing with the minorities in this country by raising the issue of illegal arrests, wrongful detention and open torture of the Muslim youth at different levels, including the parliament.

Resolves to appoint a fact finding committee of eminent citizens to examine and report on targeting of Muslim Youth by the central and state governments as part of overall effort to make the state accountable for victimization and harassments of minorities.

Resolves to setup a working group to monitor the situation, collect and update data on the sensitize the media and the Parliamentarians on the issue through continues interactions with them. Appeals to the Minorities Commission and National Human Rights Commission on a regular basis will be party of the agenda, as well as provision of basic legal counseling to families of the victims.

Veteran CPI leader AB Bardan present the resolution. Former Kashmir CM Dr Farook Abdullah, Veteran Journalist Kuldip Nayar, Congress Leader Hanumantha Rao, CPM leader Nelolpal Basu, CPI leader D Raja, Jd(s) Leader Danish Ali, LJP leader Ram Vilas Paswan, SP leader Mohansing, Swami Agnivesh, Mother Of Fasih Mahmood Mrs Amra Jamal, Ahmed Kazim’s Son , Victims from Malegaon, Maharashtra And representatives of various social activist movement are also participated the conference. Seema Mustafa presides the meeting.




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