maudany 150x150 Maudanis life should be saved: Catholic BavaCatholic orthodox church chief Basolious marthoma proclaimed in a press conference that the Kerala government and media should intervene urgently to save Maudani’s life. He is currently languishing in Parapanna Agrahara prison in bangalore with high diabetes and loss of vision in both eyes.

He is not getting the required medical requirement which is very necessary. Inspite of living in Kerala for many years ; he hasnt harmed anyone. People of his own community are behind his current incarceration. Mr.Basolious beleives that he is innocent of all the crimes he is charged. Since justice delayed is justice is denied, we have to join his family in their hour of need. P.D.P distirct president Maheen Baadisha Maulavi, Bishop’s secretary Mr.Alexander Mathew Abraham, Mr.M.S.Naushad, Shaji Krishnan etc were present at the press conference.




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