maudany 219x300 Statement: Kerala State Assembly should interfere to ensure treatment for MadaniState Assembly must intervene to ensure the trial process as transparent


AAbdu Nasar Maudani,detained in Bangalore Parappana Agrahara Jail is suffering from serious health problems.With his right eye totally impaired and the left one partly he cannot read by himself nor properly recognize people. Serious diseases like ‘Cervical spondylosis’ has affected him. His left over leg has also lost its sense of feel. Diabetes, as well, lacking proper treatments, is at its core. Supreme court has given a verdict demanding specialized treatment for Maudani. But Karnataka Government is not ready to provide the same We request Kerala state Assembly to urgently interfere in the situation and ensure wanted measures for his proper treatment.

Parappana Agrahara jail court, where the trail of his case is going on, is not an open court. Thus,we doubt the chances for a just trial as the court sessions are not transparent. So the case should be shifted to any open court in Bangalore.In case , any security concerns are raised by the Karnataka Government, Kerala state assembly should demand shifting of the case to any court in Kerala undertaking wanted security measures. We jointly request Kerela assembly to pass a resolution in the ongoing session to ensure fair and transparent trail for madani as well as specialized medical treatment

  1. SARA JOSEPH (Writer)
  2. Adv Jayashankar (Columnist,Media Critic, Advocate)
  3. KEN Kunjahammed (Writer)
  4. O. Abdurahman (Editor, Madhyamam)
  5. CR Neelakantan (Activist)
  6. P Surendran (Writer)
  7. Dr S Balaraman (Former Human rights Commision Chairperson Kerala)
  8. Civic Chandran (Writer, Activist)
  9. Adv PA Pauran
  10. Gro Vasu (Activist)
  11. Joy Kaitharath (Activist)
  12. PK Parakkadavu (Writer)
  13. Fr Abraham Joseph (Activist)
  14. Swami Vishva Bhadranantha Shakthi Bodi (Activist)
  15. KK Kochu ( Activist)
  16. KK Baburaj (Writer)
  17. P Baburaj (Film Maker)
  18. K Bhasurendarababu (Media critic)
  19. Sheik Muhammed Karakkunnu (Writer)
  20. T Peter (Activist)
  21. KP Sasi (Film Maker)
  22. PI Nowshad (Activist)
  23. Geo Jose ,  (Activist, NAPM)





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