Finally, Soni has been admitted in AIIMS -with two women cops and one male cop on duty at her room.

Her lawyer, Colin went to see her. He says she seems weak and anemic, and is complaining of burning and pain in her stomach, burning and blisters in her genital area, and complained that the Hospital in Raipur didn’t treat her properly as per the recommendations of the NRS Hospital Kolkata.

We hope that AIIMS will examine and diagnose her with due diligence and treat her accordingly.
It is long overdue for Soni to get good medical care. Next step justice. 
Besides that, things that have happened are:

  • Dr T N Seema, CPI (M), Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) raised the question in Parliament on what basis the admission was rejected at AIIMS, in whose custody Soni has been, why there has been no enquiry into her allegations and instead a gallantry award given to the SP Ankit Garg, etc today. Tribal Affairs Minister Kishore Chandra Deo has said he will look into the matter. So its a good piece of action.
  • It is also clear that she was kept in police custody last night – THOUGH she should have been kept in judicial custody
  • A letter was sent to the Home Minister seeking an explanation, and demanding that she be brought immediately to the hospital and admitted, as per the SC orders.
  • Delegations have met the NCW and NHRC seeking that they at least take her statement – since they have done nothing else so far. But they are hiding behind the excuse that the matter is sub-judice. NHRC said they will discuss and decide whether they can do so.  NCW has said they will see what interventions are now possible within their remit. We will follow both up.


Via Divya Trivedi’s Report in The Hindu

Adivasi teacher Soni Sori was admitted to All India Institute of Medical Sciences post-noon on Thursday, after being kept in a lock-up through Wednesday night.

Soni Sori’s counsel Colin Gonsalves was able to meet her on Thursday afternoon at AIIMS, in accordance with the Supreme Court order. He informed The Hindu that a medical board had been constituted by the institute, as directed by the apex court.

“She has a room to herself, and the doctor attending to her told me that the institute will follow the court order in letter and spirit,” said Mr. Gonsalves.

Soni Sori informed him that her bleeding had stopped a few days ago, but there were severe blisters in her genital area, a burning sensation, stomach ache, acute weakness, and her haemoglobin count had gone down. She made a request to be shifted to the Jagdalpur jail, closer to her family, instead of Raipur, once discharged from the hospital. “She has three children and they are unable to travel 350 kilometres to see her in Raipur. Staying in Jagdalpur will make it easier for them to meet her,” said Mr. Gonsalves. Soni Sori’s mother passed away recently in Jagdalpur hospital. She had fallen ill after her arrest.

We will probe: Deo

Meanwhile, the issue of AIIMS denying medical care to Soni Sori was raised in the Rajya Sabha, with Tribal Affairs Minister Kishore Chandra Deo assuring the House that the matter would be probed. “We will inquire why AIIMS didn’t admit her,” Mr. Deo said.

Raising the issue during zero hour, T.N. Seema of the CPI(M) said, “When the Supreme Court has ordered to admit her, on whose authority did AIIMS turn her away on May 9?”

After being refused admission by AIIMS on Wednesday, the Chhattisgarh police personnel accompanying Soni Sori, a man and two women, requested a police station in Hauz Khas area to keep her in custody until AIIMS agreed to take her in. “We agreed to do so on the basis of the court order they were carrying,” said a Delhi police officer.

(With inputs from Sandeep Joshi and Devesh Pandey)




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