Date of birth :January 18,1966
Father :Abduss master(69 age);Retd. Head Master; 7 children
Eldest Son : Abdul Nazzer Maudani
Mother :Asma Bibi(Housewife)
Brothers : Siddique(Business), Jamal Mohammed(Teacher/Lecturer), Thaha (Teacher/Lecturer), Hasan(Teacher/Lecturer)
Sister :Maliha (School Teacher)
Wife :Sufiya Muadani
Children : Umal Muqthar, Salahuddhin

Education : Venga Muslim LP school; Milaadi Sherrif High school; Primary Education, Degree from Kollam Kollur Vila Madnur Ulan Arabic College, Post graduate Degree from Jamia Nuriyya pattikakd, Perinthalmanna.

Political Life
From the age of 17 years; active public speaker for the Sunni faction of Muslim league. He has also served as principal of Yatheemkhana college. I.S.S(Islamic Service Society) was founded by him. In 1992 I.S.S. was banned consequently dissolved.

1993 April 14th ; People Democratic Party was formed with the aim of consolidating the Dalit-Muslim Vote

In 1992; while returning home after evening prayers at a Mosque ; an RSS worker by name Jayan throws bomb. He lost one of his legs as a result of this incident. He was aged 27 years. He forgives the person who threw the bomb before the court hearing on this case though the court dismisses it . But later during the trial; he testifies in favour of the accused resulting in his acquittal. (On this very same day Mrs.Suiya Maudani gets arrested)

Maudani organizes many protests and agitations on the issue of atrocities against the Muslims Kerala wide.

Police registers a case under 151/A for various speeches delivered all over Kerala.

An arrest warrant issued in 1996

He was arrested on March 31st , 1998 and remanded for 15 days.

He is handed over to Coimbatore Police.

On the charge of aiding the accused in the February 14th Coimbatore explosion case and was added as the fourteenth accused. He is ill-treated in Coimbatore jail and not being provided the adequate medical treatment.

Justice V.R.Krishna Iyer writes to the Tamil Nadu chief minister for the early release of Mr.Maudani

Then Chief minister V.S.Achuthanandan writes to then CM J Jailalitha for his early release and to provide him medical facilities at the jail.

Kerala legislative assembly passes a resolution requesting release of Maudani on humanitarian grounds.

Many times Mr.Maudani was denied bail.

When A.K.Antony was the chief minister; his (Maudani’s)grandmother passed away. Then D.I.G. of police send a fax to TN police that if Maudani is granted Parole and if he enters Kerala there would be riots.

In 2002; his wife is charged with manhandling the jail officials on a visit to see her husband under section IPC 353,354.

July 24,2006 ; Sufiya Maudani surrendered and was granted bail.

May 12TH 2008 Mr.Maudani was acquitted for want of sufficient evidence.


1.First accused Mr.Sherrif

He was removed from the accused list immediately following he testifies which clearly shows the political motivation. After that Thadiyan Nazir was made the first accused to give it a “terrorist” shade.

2.Second accused Mr.Thaajuddin

The main document against Mrs.Sufiya Maudani is the confession of Thajuddin under section 164.” Do as Mr.Thajuddin says “if you are booked in a case; I will take care.”.

He was granted bail much earlier in Kalamassery bus burning case. Mr.Thajuddin is Janata Dal district secretary and such a statement was given after his party severed ties with the LDF ; that too under tremendous pressure. For this Kannur native and autorikhsaw driver Nawaz gives the statement that it is Mr.Thajuddin who took the initiative to burn the bus.

Now Kalamassery police declares that it is Mr.Thajuddin has testified in court indicting Mr.Maudani. This creates a general perception that Maudani has something to do with the Kalamassery bus burning case.

But Sufiya Maudani was in Kozhikode hospital where Mr.Maudani was undergoing treatment. She is served notice to be present on December 8,2009 at Ernakulum North women’s police cell.

On Dec 7th she requests for anticipatory bail but rejected on Dec 17th.There was no hint that she was to be made an accused in the case. She gets arrested from her residence in Kaloor; though granted bail on the condition that she shouldn’t leave Ernakulum district.

Bangalore explosions case

July 25th ,2008 ; eight bomb explosions rock the city of Bangalore.

Dec23rd 208 the first charge sheet is filed in the Bangalore;

May 17th 2008, second charge sheet filed.

June 11th 2009 the third charge sheet that has Mr.Maudani’s name included is filed.

The witnesses who testified indicting Mr.Maudani are MAJID,RAFEEQ, Jose Varghese, Jamal Muhammed.


2008 March 12th the first statement of Mr.Rafeeq was recorded.

February 26th ,2009 the second statement recorded.

March 3rd, 2010 the third statement of Mr.Rafique recorded. The charge sheet says that it is in this statement that Mr.Maudani’s name mentioned.


Dec 11th ,2009 Majid gave the statement at Kannur to the Bangalore police. Mr.Omkara was the investigation officer who had recorded the statement.

When Mr.Majid was a P.D.P worker; while on a visit to Mr.Maudani’s home; he had heard him instruct the Bangalore bomb blast mission to Mr.Thadiayan Nazir.

He was held from Bangalore on dec 3rd is the argument of the Intelligence Bearu. December 5th he is handed over to Bangalore police. He reaches Bangalore on December 8th and questioned.

He is terribly ill for a long time. He was admitted to Kozhikode medical college in September 2009; and was transferred to Medical Trust hospital in Ernakulum on December 5th 2010. He was in a coma. The prosecution had claimed that he had travelled 300 kms in this stage and testified in the presence of the investigation officers.

Jose Varghese

The KARNATAKA police claims that he testified before them on July 1st, 2010. He is relative of the owner of the apartment Maudani had stayed when just out of Coimbatore prison. He had heard the conversation of Mr.Maudani and Mr.Nazir about Bangalore bomb blast; this was his statement. The irony is that six months before this alleged incident took place; Mr.Maudani has vacated that rented apartment and returned to his own home and moreover the rent was never given in cash, it was always deposited in the H.D.F.C bank at Vyttila.

After he was released from Coimbatore prison ; he was always accorded B category security. He is under strict vigil by 2 home guard and 4 P.S.Os. Mr. Jose filed a complaint that he has never testified those statements and these were mere alleged on him.

Jamal Muhammed

On june 30th he testified before the Karnataka police. He is supposed to have helped the bomb blast accused immediately after the explosions. He hasn’t given any such statements. He hasn’t received any summonses for testifying and the number that the police claims is his is not his. On june 30th ,2010 ; the day Karnataka police claimed to have recorded his statement; nothing of that sort had happened and he has filed a petition in Kerala regarding this false accusation.


The inspiration for the terrorist activities of Mr.Nazeer were supposed to be the Babri Masjid demolition and the speeches of Mr.Maudani on the aftermath of the Godhra riots. But during the Godhra riots Mr.Maudani was in jail. He made it clear that he had not testified against Maudani.

MAUDANI’s arrest

On feb 2010; he was served summonses for being questioned 91 times.

On February 16, he was allowed to testify in Kerala itself; considering his deteriorating health.

On June 15th 2010 ; a non bail able arrest warrant was issued on the basis of the statements of NAZIR.

On July 9th 2010 his anticipatory bail petition rejected. Karnataka police comes to Kerala to arrest Maudani.

August 3, 2010 his bail petition rejected by Karnataka High court

August 17, 2010 ; at 1.10 pm when his bail petition is pending before the supreme court ; he is arrested. By 2.00 pm when Supreme court was considering this case; he had already been arrested and the petition had lost its relevance.

August 27th; he is remanded and taken to Bangalore Prison.

Sept 13,2010 his bail petition was rejected by Bangalore sessions court.

Feb 11,2011 the bail petition of Maudani is rejected by Karnataka high court.

April 21,2011 the Supreme court accepted his bail petition and sends notices to Karnataka government.

On April 29th ,2011 a division bench considers this plea for bail. But unfortunately due to disagreement between the judges ; it was transferd to another bench(Justic Markandeya Kadju was of the opinion that Mr.Maudani has to be granted bail.

On April 13th ,2011 ;Supreme court instructs Karnataka government to provide Mr.Maudani Ayurveda treatment.

On 3rd august 2011; Supreme court rejects his bail petition.

Maudanis Kudagu Visit (The prosecutors version)

One night one cars lands there. A one leg man gets out of the car and Mr.Nazir says he is Maudani. This is the statement of one Mr.Lathiff.

When Mr.Maudani is under strict vigil; how can this be accomplished?


The prosecution claimed he had lost his leg during the Bangalore bomb blast, but in reality it was due an R.S.S. attack.


One the eve of the 2006 elections; the L.D.F and U.D.F representatives had met Mr.Maudani in jail. He supported L.D.F and then consent letter was received by Mr.Kodiyeri Balakrishnan.

In 2010 Lok Sabha election ,P.D.P supported the L.D.F.

Kalamassery Bus burning case

(Sufiya Maudani)

Sufiya Maudani had called the people who burned the bus and then called Mr.Maudani; this was the sole reason for charges to be framed against her.

Sherriff -The First accused

The P.D.P Aluva local area secretary Mr.Sherrif was the first one to get arrested. He was instructed by the police to testify that it was Mrs.Sufiya Maudani who suggested him to burn the bus. He was supposed to be the first accused for five years; but now he is not.

The current first accused is Thadiyan vida Nazir

There is no evidence that he had called Mrs. Sufiya Maudani .But police had claimed that such a tape existed; but now they claim that it is lost. The bus was burned on Sept 5th. At that time he is awaiting his bail plea verdict and was languishing in jail.

Will his wife dare such a misadventure when her husband languishing in prison under trial for about eight years.?

When Mr.Maudani was severely beaten up in prison and had become unconscious; his wife used to call some people to enquire about his whereabouts. It was such people whom the police had targeted.

Majid Prambhai

He is Kannur district secretary of P.D.P and it is natural that he has links with Maudani’s family. For getting a househelp; Sufiya had requested Mr.Majid’s help. A relative of Mr.Majid had phoned Sufiya. Also he had phoned them the day before the Kalamassery bus burning incident. But police agrees that their conversation was about marriage proposal and the girl. Ummer Faroq and Yusuf who went to see the girl had testified to the police such a thing. Just for this they have been included in the accused list. Majid has said in his bail application that he was tortured and forced to testify that it was Sufiya who instructed burning of the bus.

Majid’s family had said this during a press conference at Kannur and he himself elaborated this during a KAIRALI TV interview. The investigation officials had confided in him that this case has reach Sufiya; only then Mr.Maudani be booked for the offence. But the chargesheet filed in Aluva does not include Mrs.Sufiya Maudani as an accused. She is not a P.D.P worker. Sherrif;Thajuddin ,Nasser were on bail and they has testified before the magistrate indicting Sufiya Maudani.

It is worth mentioning these three people testified before the magistrate exactly the same sentences; totally out of the blue.



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